Binnie & Associates

The new offices for Binnie & Associates are in Burnaby, BC, and were designed by Aura Interiors. At 26,000 sq. ft., this office is huge. Rather than just being a wide open space, Aura managed to make lots of different areas and break-outs, making the massive space seem a bit cozier. The Binnie logo has a lot of triangles in it, so the designers made use of 45-degree angles in the reception, and boardrooms, as well as throughout the offices. The board rooms are pretty high tech with live cameras and microphones hanging from the ceiling. When I shot the space, it wasn't actually finished. The huge Binnie banners weren't in place, and some of the tvs were missing, so they asked me to add the Banner in post. I included one of those here, I don't think it looks that bad!?

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JRS Engineering

JRS Engineering has an office near BCIT in Burnaby. They had it redesigned by Aura Interiors and it looks really nice!

Big thanks to Toby for sitting in the reception area like a good boy :)

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Amerigo Resources

This is the Vancouver office of a Chilean Copper Mining company, so there was a lot of copper incorporated in to the space. 

Something I didn't even think about while photographing was my reflection in the copper lamp shades! Pretty easy fix in photoshop though :)

The feature wall and reception desk were definitely highlights of this design by Aura Interiors.  

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Kitsilano Interior Shoot for Chambers & Stark

A nice little townhouse in Kitsilano area of Vancouver. Very bright and airy but also cozy design by Chambers & Stark.

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Vancouver Office Interiors

I shot some office interiors yesterday for Aura Interiors. The shot that I thought would be easiest, ended up being the hardest. A transparent logo on a glass door...  Knowing the reflections were going to be there, I decided to work with them and it wound up working out great, adding a texture and depth to the image that wouldn't have been there without them!

Photo of the office door and ogo placement of Chevron Canada Headquarters in Vancouver
Reception area and receptionist at a law office in Vancouver, BC
Design plans in a contruction site for interior design company Aura interiors

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